Courses Details
Course Overview
This course aims to provide a technical overview of the main cellular technologies (2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE and 5G) in one package. It is ideally suited for technical staff who require a high level technical overview of these technologies. 
Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is suitable for engineering, technical sales, technical management and other staff who require a general technical overview of modern mobile technologies 
Course Prerequisites
A general understanding of mobile technologies with some work experience is preferable
Expected Accomplishments
 Outline the network types from 2G to 4G
 Sketch the GSM network architecture and functionality
 Understand GSM TDMA air interface operation
 Understand functions such as Attach, Location Update and Handover
 Examine GPRS and EDGE upgrades to GSM
 List GSM services
 Describe 3G networks overview
 Outline the UMTS network architecture and functionality
 Describe UMTS WCDMA air interface operation
 List the HSPA Upgrade to UMTS
 Describe LTE network architecture   
 Understand LTE OFDMA air interface operation
 Outline Cellular market and future developments
 Describe the delopment towards the 5G: key technologies
 Outline HetNet and Femto architecture 
Course Outline
2G Network Types 
The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) 
Network Elements o Base Station Subsystem/GERAN 
Original GSM CS Core Networks 
R4 GSM CS Core Networks 
Network Databases 
Identifiers – IMEI, IMSI, MS-ISDN, CGI 
Attach Process o Network Regions and Location Updates 
Handover o GSM Air Interface 
TDMA Principles 
Radio Channel Structure 
Logical Channels o GPRS and EDGE o GSM Services 
International Roaming  
3G Network Types 
3G Development and Options 
UMTS Architecture 
UMTS Network Elements 
UTRAN Elements 
UTRAN Functions o User Equipment (UE) 
Air Interface Structure 
Air Interface Modes 
WCDMA Air Interface Principles 
Spreading and Scrambling Codes o Handovers 
UTRA Bands and Channels 
Transport Network 
Core Network Elements 
Core Network Evolution 
High Speed Upgrades 
HSPA UE Categories 
3G Services  
4G Network Types 
LTE Architecture 
EUTRAN Elements 
The EUTRA Node B (eNB) 
LTE Cell Coverage 
OFDMA Air Interface Principles 
Subcarriers and Symbols 
Resource Blocks 
Bandwidth Options 
EUTRA Bands and Channels 
eNBs and Femtocells 
EPC Core Network Elements 
The EPS Bearer 
The MIMO Concept 
FDD and TDD Variants 
IMT-Advanced and LTE Advanced 

Pillars of 5G o Spectrum Management 
mm Waves o Relay Strategies 
Mesh Network Topologies 
Ad Hoc Relaying 
MIMO and Smart Antennas 
Cognitive Radio 
Femto and Small Cells Internet of Things