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International Educational Tours

Etisalat Academy warmly invites young talents and future leaders from around the world to join us for an enriching educational visit in Dubai, UAE.

Why Dubai?
• Dubai stands as a strategic gateway to the EMEA markets
• From secondary to tertiary education, Dubai has affiliations with some of the top international institutes from around the globe.
• Dubai is a preferred choice for global universities. Its prime location, futuristic outlook, abundance of fresh talent, and ease of doing business make it the ideal       destination for educational tours.

Objectives of an Educational Tour:
• To equip the young talent with initiatives, Innovation, research and future goals into their respective areas.
• To Learn about the Global environment.
• Encourage Self-Sufficiency
• Build Stronger Relationships
• Expand Worldviews
• Explore New Cultures
• Improve critical thinking skills
• Build Confidence
• Boost Motivation
• Create Lifelong Memories
• Experiential learning
• Grow and become a better you

Program Objective

This program is to provide exposure to University students to prepare them for the real-world challenges and provide them the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle on real life situation and experience in the corporate world.

Participants will be able to share experience and collaborate with their peers to come up with common projects and innovative ideas. Furthermore, the end goal of the program is to upskill and produce highly qualified workforce who are to become experts in their domains, by exposing them to different internship opportunities in UAE which in turn would play a factor in the student's employability.

Apart from building academic capability, study tour also aims at building life skills such as communication, problem solving skills, teamwork and decision making that are only obtained through life experience.
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Student tour Image 2 Program Features: A program aimed at developing youth in various in trend programs and expertise with immersing them in a one- or two-days workshop along with industry visits and culture immersion.

Achievements: over 1,000 student visited last March and April 2022, where they attended Design Thinking workshops in Etisalat Academy and visited Dubai Expo.

Program Brief: The latest run of our International Education Tours was attended by over 1,000 University Students from India, who went on a one- or two-day workshop of Design Thinking, several industry visits, Dubai Expo, and cultural immersion.

The students stayed in our newly renovated hostel, inside the campus with state-of-the-art amenities. The campus boasts of an indoor basketball, volleyball courts, along with a fitness gym and a resort like swimming pool, complete with sauna, jacuzzi and cold plunge. We also have our own football court, outdoor basketball courts and race track.
Our 1,200,000 square foot campus boasts world-class training facilities — from start-of-the-art telecom and IT labs, to the 280 seat auditorium, the sophisticated sports complex and 260 room on-campus residences.

With a total capacity of 1,500 participants, there is no better place to host a conference, run ateam building program, or invite partners for a product launch.

So if your organization is looking for a training room or @ conference venue, look no further — our facility is the perfect setting for your events

• 30 Training Rooms
• 200 seating capacity Auditorium
• Corporate Meeting Rooms.
• 219 room Residence
• A 400 seating capacity Restaurant
• Sports Field & Running Track
• Indoor Sports Hall (including 170 seats and stage)
• Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball Courts
• Swimming Pool
• Sauna
• Gyms (ladies and men separate)

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10 days program

10 days program

Program Tidbits for Design Thinking and Business Innovation

Design Thinking & Business Innovation
Design Thinking is an interactive approach used by designers to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. It is widely being used globally 'in both private and :public sectors for business and personal projects to achieve a focused and action-oriented approach. Design Thinking helps organisations to grow, innovate, and ·improve financial performance effectively. Our Design Thinking Training will help the delegates to gain in-depth knowledge of establishing a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving. They will also become familiar with the tools and techniques of the design thinking approach and use the Design Thinking process to build user-specific and innovative solutions. Our highly expert trainer will conduct this training and help delegates to get the required knowledge and skills required to improve their career prospects.
Design Thinking process images

Design Thinking is a problem-solving framework used to identify opportunities and create solutions to complex problems. Design Thinking is based around a set of values that emphasize user- centricity, iteration and experimentation, low- risk and multi- stakeholder engagement. The skills gained through Design Thinking include:

• Empathy- the ability to understand the needs and requirements of users, customers and other stakeholders.
• Collaboration - the ability to work with different teams, stakeholders and experts to solve complex issues.
• Creative Problem Solving - the ability to craft effective solutions based on user feedback.

• Visual Communication - the ability to effectively communicate ideas and solutions through images, graphics and other visual elements.
• Analytical Thinking- the ability to research and analyze complex problems and data to identify potential opportunities.

Target Competencies
• Analytical skilIs
• Probing and questioning data
• Creative thinking
• Teamwork and collaboration
• Prob e-m solving
• Strategic thinking
• Giving feedback
• Visualization and articulation of ideas
• Interviewing techniques
• Active listening

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