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Message from GM

Inspired by our visionary leaders, over the past 3 decades Etisalat Academy (EA) has played a vital role in human capital development for Etisalat, Government and Private sectors within the UAE, GCC and MENA region. Nowadays; EA develops the capabilities of more than 20000 participants annually who are enrolled into more than 2600 days of business, technical and leadership training programs per year, signifying our diverse learning products portfolio and our large-scale operational capacity.

We strongly believe that Learning & Development is a continuous end-to-end experience that should be looked at holistically without fragmenting it into bits and pieces for whatever reason. Accordingly, our team is always attentive to the tiniest level of details in order to enhance the learner's experience, irrespective of the training delivery mode, whether it's face-to-face or digital learning.

Our focus on digital learning or “Micro-Learning" is driven by the fact that we live in a fast moving digital world; where the average attention span of the human is only EIGHT seconds and individuals are totally hooked to their handsets. Today’s learners are impatient, overwhelmed and easily distracted. We are experiencing a new paradigm of learning on-the-go, on-demand, in a very selective (pull vs. push) manner and in a highly collaborative environment, supported with the ubiquitous social media platforms. 

“Digital" and “Leadership" areas form the core of our future product portfolio expansion strategy. Entities do flourish when they have strong business leaders who adopt the latest Digital technologies to transform the way they do business; through process automation; which ultimately leads to an enhanced customer experience.

More than 30% of our activities are focused on ICT and entrepreneurial students Camps. This comes from our deep belief that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. It is also aligned with the UAE's future vision of building the right capabilities for a diversified economy and a 4th industrial revolution job market.

With our 1.2M sq ft full-fledged Campus EA is well-positioned to provide an all-rounded integrated learning and development experience to our partners. By the time you come to read this post; our newly renovated executive training wing would have been launched. 

I invite you to schedule a tour to our Academy and I look forward to welcoming you onboard this exciting learning and development journey that inspires minds!!.

General Manager, Etisalat Academy