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HR Solutions

HR Solutions We aim to help companies align their human resources to their processes and structures in a practical way.

Our experienced HR consultants work hand-in-hand with your HR teams to implement HR advisory solutions. We help you set and achieve HR strategy to elevate the HR unit to be a strategic partner for the business.

We offer complimentary exploration meeting to discuss collaboration approach and agree engagement objectives. 

Overview of our HR Solutions

Our team helps your HR team adapt the work structures and processes to the new market reality and support your human resources to work effectively and achieve your goals by developing: 

  • HR Srategies
  • Systems to maximize employee performance, engagement & learning
  • Change management & communication plans
  • Employee assessments and evaluation
  • Job evaluation and job descriptions
  • Company restructuring
  • HR frameworks, policies and procedures
  • Employee career counselling
  • Company grading, job family analyses and career pathways

Our HR Consultants

Etisalat Academy has a network of HR Consultants with experience in mining & manufacturing, architecture & engineering design, construction firms, IT & telecommunication & government sector. Their expertise range in the areas of Performance Management, Talent Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Talent Acquisition, Organisational Structures, HR operation Setups, Career Development Paths, Office and Remote Working setups, Competency Frameworks, Excellency Frameworks and Talent Assessment.

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