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Course Overview
This course is about the the opportunities, benefits and risks of implementing NFV and SDN

Through its ZOOM project  TM Forum is defining the future of managing fixed/mobile and wireless/wireline software defined networks employing virtualized network functions. Software defined networking and network function virtualization will enable new business models and digital services ecosystems such as the Internet of Things.

This course is based on the latest work carried out within the ZOOM project and is largely a non-technical guide to the new world of possibilities that this transition opens-up, for all types of digital service providers, their suppliers, and their customers. How will this affect the products and services that Digital Service Providers will offer for sale to the market, that customers buy, and the level of customer service they experience? How will service providers need to change to innovate and exploit new software defined network and virtual network function technologies? What new privacy concerns and security vulnerabilities will need to be mitigated? How autonomous should orchestration be? How will infrastructure capacity planning and procurement be impacted? How will new products that utilize the new network services be defined and constructed?

Dealing with these issues head-on, this course will help anyone that is planning or implementing a software defined network or software defined data center to gain the maximum benefit at minimum risk by focusing on key issues.
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Target Audience
  • Anyone who is planning for or progressing with implementation of NFV, SDN, SDDC, or defining and managing the service offerings they enable.
  • Systems Integrators or Consultants working in this area.
  • Vendor staff who implement or sell products in this area.
  • Anyone who needs to know what these technologies can offer and the impact they will have on the organization.
Course Objectives
  • To show how virtualized networks and data centers are different from and similar to their predecessors
  • To describe new business models enabled by NFV and SDN
  • To explore the practical management challenges of new network services
  • To help you decide how to progress, and how quickly
  • To offer a blueprint for migration from today’s state to tomorrow’s SDN/NFV-enabled network services environment using a hybrid infrastructure platform blueprint
  • To introduce and describe the Metamodel for a Virtual Function Package supporting Ops & Tech Lifecycle Management
Course Prerequisites
Frameworx  Overview
Course Outline
Module 1 Why is Virtualization so important?
Module 2 The Consumer View
Module 3 The Management View
Module 4 Managing and Delivering Virtualized Services
Module 5 Procuring and Managing Infrastructure
Module 6 Planning, Implementation and Transition
Module 7 Security and Privacy Implications
Module 8 What to do next