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Course Overview
Etisalat believes “SDN/NFV driven network transformation” is by far the most disruptive technology for telecom service providers, which eventually will transform all key aspects of networks and operations. Ironically, at the same time, fast emerging ICT ecosystem necessitates it to be adapted at a faster rate than its predecessors. Hence this has been considered while charting out our virtualization journey plan.

“SDN, NFV and Orchestration are the key pillars to address future technological challenges for telcos and hence Etisalat has initiated number of trials and limited deployments for various aspects of the network to benefit from these opportunities.Telcos  have aggressive plans to adopt the strategy of “Whatever can be virualised will be virtualised

This course explain what is SDN &NFV , the differences, market drivers for these disruptive technologies.Also it look into the architecture ,what is northbound & southbound interfaces etc.
The course explains about various tools & protocols required for SDN & NFV , such as KVM,OpenStack,Cloudstack,OpenFlow,OpenDaylight,ONOS etc
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Strategic planners, network architects, network managers, systems engineers, service planners and carrier operation staff who are responsible for planning, implementing and deploying networks which may require SDN and/or NFV techniques in the future
Course Objectives
Describe the key concepts in Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Examine the SDN architecture and key functions
Evaluate several SDN controller platforms such as Open Stack Orchestration, POX and Open Daylight
Evaluate several Cloud Computing Platforms such as OpenStack and CloudStack
Examine Northbound Interfaces such as REST and Southbound Interfaces such as OpenFlow and Netconf
Review the architecture and development of the OpenFlow standards
Appreciate the problems of management and security in SDN
Describe the key concepts of Network Virtualization and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
Understand how Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) can be managed
Identify the current status for development of SDN and NFV technologies
Course Prerequisites
Basic knowledge of networks and Virtualization
Course Outline

SDN Evolution

  • The building blocks of modern networks
  • Data Plane & control plane- Their Functions
  • Management Plane Functions
  • Management protocols and applications  
  • Southbound Interfaces (SBI)
  • SNMP
  • Northbound Interfaces (NBI))
  • Issues with current network architectures

SDN Definitions

  • SDN Definitions
  • SDN Market Drivers
  • Summary of SDN Principles

SDN Framework 

  • SDN Concepts
  • SDN as Network Operating System
  • SDN as a compiler
  • SDN as a router
  • SDN Architecture
  • SDN Computing Platforms
  • Open Daylight
  • ONOS
  • Contrail
  • Nuage
  • Huawei

SDN Controller Environment

  • Event Driven Programming Model
  • SDN Southbound Interfaces
  • OpenFlow
  • OpenFlow History
  • OpenFlow Architecture
  • OpenFlow Messages
  • OF-Config
  • OF Notifications Framework
  • OpenFlow Complementary & Alternative Components
  • PCEP Link State DB (BGP-LS)
  • I2RS Link State DB (BGP-LS)
  • Segment routing
  • SDN Computing Platforms (e.g., Open Daylight, ONOS, Contrail, Nuage, ...)
  • SDN Northbound Interfaces
  • ONF Approach
  • REST
  • Controllers Scalability and Redundancy

Network Virtualization

  • Why Use Virtualization?
  • Network Programming Models
    • NFV Overview
    • MANO Components
    • NFVO
    • NFVM
    • VIM
    • MANO Descriptors
    • Service Function Chaining
    • Key Criteria in Selecting NFV components and solutions

Cloud Computing

  • Principles of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Services Model
  • Cloud Computing Principles
  • Multi-tier Applications
  • Grid Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Server and Switch In Cloud Environment
  • Hypervisor Models
  • Example Hypervisors
  • ZEN
  • LXC (Linux Containers) and OpenVZ (Open Virtuozzo)
  • VMware ESX(i)
  • Virtual Switches
  • Cloud Computing Platform Examples
  • OpenStack
  • OpenStack Architecture
  • OpenStack: Nova & Neutron
  • OpenStack: Horizon
  • OpenStack: Heat
  • CloudStack
  • CloudStack Architecture
  • Open Cloud InitiativeCloud Foundary
  • VMWare Products
  • SDN & Cloud Computing Platform Integration
  • ML2
  • OpenStack and VTN
  • Cloud Computing Network Infrastructure and Protocols


  • NFV Definitions
  • Market Drivers for NFV
  • ETSI NFV ISG Models
  • MANO Orchestration Framework
  • Example network virtualization functions use cases
  • SD-WAN
  • vCPE
  • SDN and NFV for Mobile Evolved Packet Core (EPC)