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Course Overview
Many of us today are moving into a significant leadership position and are facing the challenge of developing and executing strategies in complex environments. In order for organizations to create value and deliver results, strong teams must be built and internal and external relationships must be managed effectively. It is thus the leader’s mission to develop a solid action plan to enhance personal impact and meet these challenges. This Advanced Strategic Management training will help attendees build the skills needed to boost their performance in today’s business and to prepare their organizations to sustain performance in the future.
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Target Audience

Executives who are encountering a specific business challenge, whether it be related to strategy, finance, sustainability, operations or leadership. Also, all those who are seeking to sharpen their analytical skills and strategic leadership effectiveness.

Course Prerequisites
Good analytical skills as well as strategic leadership experience and responsibilities
Expected Accomplishments
  • Prepare to boost performance at individual, team and business-unit levels
  • Ensure that your organization is keeping ahead in a constantly changing business environment.
  • Understand how to best address your particular business challenges. 
  • Enhance your personal impact on strategies and change.
  • Provide a clear view of the changes and challenges of the global economy.
  • Enhance your capability to make the right decisions regarding budget and resources
Course Outline
Strategic Management
Strategic Management – a new focus
The Role of strategic management
The functions and capabilities of a strategic manager
The Strategy Hierarchy
Global Changes and Challenges
Case Studies on Strategies
The Benefits of Strategic Management

The Strategic Process
The Strategic Process
Understanding Strategy VS Strategic Planning
Choosing the right strategies
The Environmental Scan
MBC VS SBC Strategies
Avoiding Strategic Failures
Examples of Strategic Successes
Blue Ocean VS Red Ocean Strategies
Building Value into the Value Chain
Applying lessons learned to your organization.
Strategic Management Skills
Thinking like a Strategic Manager
The Leadership Capabilities of Strategic Management
Building your Strategic Skills
Leading others through the Strategic Process
Examples of Strategic Leaders
Your ability to communicate your changes 

Managing the Culture & Changes
The Significance of the Corporate Culture
The Leaders role in Establishing the Culture
Merger and Acquisition Strategies
Why most M & A’s fail and how to avoid failure
The Dynamics of Changing the culture to meet the strategies
Team Case Study Exercise
The Ten Elements to building the Culture
The Dilemma of multicultural corporations
Making the changes in strategy work
Video Case Studies

The Strategic Plan 
Preparing a Plan
Implementing the Corporate strategies
Evaluating & Monitoring the strategies
The Dynamics of Strategic Execution
Building a Leadership Legacy
Review Exercise