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Course Overview
With today’s telecoms markets increasing competition, building life-long loyalty and managing churn is a matter of survival.  
Customers would churn easily in search of lower prices, better network coverage or higher voice quality, therefore; it’s not just about retention activities to maintain market share; it’s about holistic approach of customer centricity that will lead to the required positive customer experience which encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering i.e. customer care, advertising, packaging, product and service features, ease of use, and reliability. 

It requires a closed-loop process and communication between all departments and employees to deliver a common excellent experience, keeps all those conceptions in balance and thus linked to the organization strategy & bottom line.

Overall, customer experience is the net result of the good ones minus the bad ones, however; most likely the few negative ones will have more impact!
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from any discipline
Course Objectives
  • Expand Customer Experience awareness 
  • Create a culture of Customer Experience learning and focus on the customer
  • Build key relationships and partnerships across the organization
  • Enhance Customer Experience ownership
  • Help employees deliver exceptional value to customers
Course Prerequisites
A basic understanding of customer service principles
Course Outline
  • Customer churn and retention concepts
  • Customer’s Lifetime Value
  • The cost of poor customer handling
  • Defining customer experience 
  • Modeling the customer journey and identifying the key focus areas impacting customer experience
  • The 4 Forces of Customer Experience
  • Perceptions of the Organization
  • Customer Expectations
  • Company Values 
  • Experience Management
  • Delivering on the customer’s definition and expectation of value
  • The logic and emotion effect on customer experience
  • Market changes and the impact on customers’ future value expectations
  • customer centricity perspective to complete ideal customer experience
  • Importance of customer engagement 
  • Aligning processes to enhance customer experience 
  • Setting operational standards to deliver the right customer experience
  • Customers’ experiences influence on customer future behavior
  • Your role in customer experience 
  • Identify appropriate times to get feedback during the customer journey
  • Select feedback channels that maximize ease and relevance for the respondent
  • Customer experience success stories