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Course Overview
In today’s world of advanced telecommunication we can communicate at the touch of a button and get quick accurate results – yet it is just one part of true communication, more like ‘one-dimensional’ communication where only the words make up the message.   Then when we communicate on the phone or face to face we interact fuller - up to ‘three-dimensional’ communication if you will, resulting in sometimes lasting feelings - positive or negative.   

In customer service, people sometimes don’t realize the impact one can make on another’s feelings after a simple interaction or when handling a ‘situation’.  We can learn to steer around even negative interactions by just how we handle the situation, hence having the customer go away with positive feelings about the situation rather than negativity, frustration, etc.   

This course will give participants a fresh look at how to deal with others and how one’s sometimes simple behavior can impact the whole customer experience with lasting impressions while truly giving customer service beyond expectations.  
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Front line sales staff, team leaders & supervisors
Course Prerequisites
Expected Accomplishments
Apply techniques to turn around behavior disrupting the communication process. 
Understand why C L E A R communication is an intangible asset for all companies 
Practice customer orientated good practices
Anticipate what customers need, want and expect - not hope for - when they come in
Understand customers’ motivation and behavior more clearly 
Be able to carry on and go the extra mile in challenging  situations 
Course Outline
Concept and importance of positive  interpersonal communication in changing unwanted behavior 
Lasting first impressions & the power of perception
Exploring the parameters of  voice, tone, inflection and other non-verbals in the communication process
Delivering the message and not killing the relationship: turning negativities around  
Impact of one’s communication techniques and behavior on others.
Using NLP techniques to overcome barriers 
Anticipating needs, wants & expectations of customer: walking in the customers’ shoes 
Initiating positive customer outcomes 
Building rapport with customers while building lasting relationships
Following ‘the Reciprocity Urge’
Dealing with challenging situations and turning them into gold mines
Following up and going the extra mile