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Course Overview
The customer's perception of a company is based on how the frontline personnel handle the first contact.  A concentrated awareness of the customer's expectations, brought about by use of highly developed communication skills, will lead to a more profitable relationship, satisfactory to both company and client.  It is common to have customers that are difficult to handle and have complaints.   To be able to deal with these scenarios in a professional manner, to have a satisfied customer is a skill in itself.
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Course Prerequisites
Reasonable command of the English language
Expected Accomplishments
Identify the reasons behind customer anger and dissatisfaction
Learn about customer animosity and deal with it effectively
Know how to manage customer expectations
Apply appropriate skills and techniques for dealing with angry/difficult customers
Course Outline
Why customers get angry:
What really leads to customer disappointment/anger?
Understanding the signs of customer frustration
New dimension for building customer relations

Causes of complaints and anger
The customer as a controlling function
Analyzing the root causes of complaints and dissatisfaction
How to deal with customer complaints
Understanding the organizational procedures and processes
How to turn customer complaints into opportunities

Identifying the problems and real Issues:
Identifying the primary, secondary and tertiary issues beneath customer problems
Develop the skills to deal with customer difficulties/problems

Managing customer expectations
Understanding what the customer needs
What is the role of customer emotions and their impact on the business?
How to manage the key factors for success

Handling difficult customers professionally
Benefits of a professional approach to difficult customers