Courses Details
Course Overview
This course will present innovative, proven methods for determining whether a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy for changing the way a company provides service. Throughout the course, measurable examples will be provided on how CRM theory is applied with great success by various corporations.  Objectives will focus on the scientific reasons why people resist change, a process to deal with that change, a process to measure the results in an on-going manner and how to tie in and measure those results to a company‚Äôs bottom-line.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
All frontline sales personnel
Course Prerequisites
A basic understanding of business and selling skills including knowledge of customer service principles
Expected Accomplishments
Understand the value of customer retention and customer care
Know techniques to personalize service
Understanding consumer behavior and attitude 
Build trust in customers to establish confidence 
Build a strong network base to materialize
Socialize the sales cycle
Developing networks through CRMS 
CRM Model and benefits
Industry practices and outcomes
Course Outline
Customer, types of customers, under promise  and over delivering 
Using the attitude of gratitude 
Succeeding through communication
The role of active listening, close and open questioning 
Developing customer advocates
Customer advocacy and the moment of truth 
Proactive solutions
Understanding the customer value triad, customer satisfaction and resolutions
Creating customer service excellence
Common mission and being on the same page with the customer
CRM concept and CRMS 
Types of CRMS and selection criteria for an enterprise
Ideal CRM model and results
Vendor and industry feedback
Value added customer interaction and the philosophy of customer retention using CRMS