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We offer technology-based educational solutions to ensure maximum impact, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our digital learning solutions help companies move their employee learning to the cloud and help employees learn at their own pace. Our instructional design and production teams work hand in hand with your learning team to create learning modules that can be hosted on our platforms, on client systems or intranet or on cloud-based solutions. Whether using our material or your corporate content, our learning experts ensure that our digital learning solutions are designed to help acheive your learning goals

Our digital learning solutions include:

  • Video Learning Modules: These are learning videos with speakers from inside the organization or actors/speakers hired by our team. Video learning is ideal form of learning when the client wants to train employees on recurring activities or topics that are repeated often such as onboarding programs. Also ideal for peer to peer training. These videos are recorded using highest quality standards of production and post production techniques and can be customized to client budget and requirements. 
  • Interactive E-learning Modules:These are interactive and self-paced learning modules designed to train people on specific topics, processes, or knowledge area. The content can be from the client or from our learning team. Our instructional designers then prepare the content to be produced in e-learning format. The design is provided by a production team to ensure an interactive experience including games, case scenarios, avatars, interactive exercises and puzzles.
  • VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training): These are interactive online training sessions with live instructor for business, technical and IT training. They can also include IT labs applications. This style of learning includes interactive Q&A sessions, polls, whiteboard discussions and brainstorming and collaboration exercises between teams. 
  • Animations: These are animated videos with avatars and voice over without interactivity features, and usually entail animated characters narrating the content. Animations are ideal for micro learning and as part of bigger programs.