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environment_2Etisalat Academy's Green Group is an initiative set up to reduce our impact upon the environment. We raise awareness and consciousness about the environment and sustainability issues and what can we do to be good citizen of our planet.

Our Goals

Our goal is to develop and implement environmental and social sustainability strategies within our community that can also have a positive economic impact. A sustainable corporation protects the environment and improves the lives of those with whom it interacts with, and at the same time creates economic incentives and value for its shareholders. The very best companies find ways to develop responsibility into opportunity and we aspire to develop best practice in this area.

Green and sustainable are two key factors for consumers, businesses and governments alike to consider. The way in which large and small organizations manage, market and communicate has changed and the focus is now on the triple bottom line. Our aim is to remind corporations and the people that work for them that we are all responsible for the world in which we live.

Our Actions

Here are just a few of our inspired actions:

  • We aim to reduce our water usage by 20% by 2016
    • We've made a start and are now using municipality sewage water to effectively water the gardens in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We aim to reduce our paper usage by 20% by 2016
    • We encourage employees, training program participants and contractors to reduce paper use and use digital media
    • We have commissioned a recycling centre, collecting plastic, paper, glass and other recyclable materials
  • We aim to reduce our electricity usage by 10%  by 2016 and significantly reduce our electricity and water bills
    • Leaving unused computer systems on AC power wastes enormous amounts of electricity. We are using a centralized system to manage the power settings of the computer systems in each of the 58 Training rooms, switching them off during non-business hours and saving both time and money


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